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Next-Gen GERPHOS flame retardants for composites

Composites are hailed for their unique blend of strength, flexibility, and lightweight properties. These engineered materials, made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties, come together to create a product with characteristics distinct from the individual components. While composites’ versatility has led to their adoption in myriad applications – from aerospace and automotive to construction and sporting goods – ensuring their safety in diverse environments remains paramount.

Given that many composite applications can be exposed to potential fire hazards, the need for effective flame retardancy cannot be overstated. GERPHOS flame retardants emerge as the ideal solution in this context. When integrated into the composite formulation, GERPHOS ensures that these materials significantly diminish their propensity to ignite and propagate flames. Beyond just adhering to the rigorous fire safety standards of today, the inclusion of GERPHOS prepares composites for the demanding and ever-evolving safety needs of tomorrow.

GERPHOS Next Generation Flame Retardants
Composites Flame Retardants
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